Increase Your Business Credibility through Cyber Security and Privacy

Elevate your business with Comsys as your trusted partner of cyber security and privacy programs. 

Our comprehensive services cater to the unique needs of businesses in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, ensuring that you meet the fundamental requirements for successful business development.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility, remote-friendliness, and transparent pricing structure.

Protect Your Data & Gain Trust!

Your data is invaluable, and securing it is paramount. Comsys helps organizations to design, to implement and to ace cyber security and privacy audits.

Boost client trust and prevent cyber incidents with our expert assistance. Contact Comsys today for a secure future!

Our Services

Cyber Security and Privacy Advisory

Do you forfeit the customer trust  because of poor cyber security and privacy advisor? Our experts are ready to assist you!

Comsys is here to help you analyze and audit the current state of your company or organization.

Our experts are ready to provide you with recommendation and implementation assistance to reach the ideal state of cyber security and privacy through innovative methods.

Consult with us now and gain client trust for the future success of your business!

Cyber Security and Privacy Certification

Do you need the Cyber Security and Privacy certification to gain clients’ trust, such as ISO 27001, SOC 2, and ISO 27701? 

Comsys is here to provide consultations, recommendations and implementation strategy for your company to get these cyber security and privacy certification.

We also provide separate internal audit services for complying with these standards.

Third Party Cyber Risk Assessment

Our experts will assist your team to design, implement, and even to fully manage your vendor’s security risk management program. 

With Comsys expertise coupled with AI technology, you will have continuous assurance that the third parties supporting your business are trusted and secure.

Who We Serve?

Comsys helps global and leading enterprises achieve top-level confidence in their cyber security and privacy programs through innovative methods and transparent pricing.


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Q & A

Why do I need to implement an information security management system in my company?

All types and sizes of organizations store and process confidential information pertaining to their business and their customers. Thus, it is important for any organizations to protect their information along with customers’ trust. 

Information security management system makes sure that information protection in your organization is designed, implemented, and continuously improved in a structured manner.

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 2001 is an internationally accepted standard for information security management system. It provides a clear and structured process to design and implement information security controls according to the best practices used by many global organizations and governments.

Can I get ISO 27001 through Comsys?

We are not an ISO 27001 certification auditor. We only provide the implementation consultancy and internal audit. However, we can direct you to our certification audit partners if you wish to be certified. We have a network or globally well known certification audit partners that are suitable with your business exposure and budget considerations.

Why do I need to care about privacy and the recent law in Indonesia (UU PDP)?

The new Indonesian privacy law, UU PDP, is developed to protect Indonesian citizens’ personal data, including protection from data leakage and also protection against misused of personal data beyond what an organization is allowed to do with it.

Personal data is the key to many services, including opening a bank account, getting a credit, buying a home, etc. Thus, it’s very crucial that personal data is treated very carefully by any organizations to the limit that it’s allowed by the national laws and regulations.

How does Comsys Work?

Comsys makes it easy for your company or organization to get implementation consulting and internal audit through online services. 

All Comsys services are carried out online, both meetings, consultations, providing recommendations, and implementation advisory.